Grilled Peaches - image by Lisa Missenda

Grilled Peaches and Cashew Coconut Creme

Coconut Cashew Creme
1 1/2 cups of raw cashews
1  cup of coconut milk
1/2 of water as needed
1-2tbsp of honey
Seeds from one vanilla bean de-seeded

Soak raw cashews overnight
Add cashews, coconut milk, honey , vanilla bean and water as needed to blended, blend until smooth

Place in the freezer until frozen.

Re-blend and put back into the freezer until ready to serve

Grilled Peaches
2 Very Ripe Peaches halved and pitted

Cut peaches in halve and remove the pit
Place on grill and grill long enough to create grill marks

Raspberry Purée
1pint of Raspberries
1tbsp Honey

Blend raspberries and honey until smooth
Strain mixture

Dust with Cinnamon

Check out our video of this fun recipe

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