Close up of red tomatoes - image by Lisa Missenda

Yin Building Roasted Tomato Soup

By Marybeth Missenda

I made this for lunch during a snow storm.  It was the perfect comfort food.  Try adding cayenne and cumin or thyme and oregano as variations on flavor.  

8 roma tomatoes

½ yellow onion chopped

3-5 basal leaves

½ teaspoon garlic powder or 2 cloves fresh garlic

1 tablespoon olive oil

Juice of ½ of a lemon

¼ teaspoon salt

1 dash of pepper

1 ½  cup homemade chicken stock or low sodium chicken stock

2 tablespoon shredded Parmesan cheese

  • Place tomatoes, onion and garlic cloves on a roasting dish and drizzle with olive oil,salt and pepper.
  • Roast at 450° for about 15-20 minutes until the skins start turning black.
  • Place roasted tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice and chicken stock in Vitamix and blend on high for 3-5 minutes until steaming hot and smooth.
  • Top with shredded basil and parmesan.

Optional:  Add 2 more cups chicken stock to create a thinner soup to serve 4.

Optional:  Top with gluten-free croutons

Serves: 2

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